About Consultations

What is a consultation?

The consultations we provide for all custom orders are a discussion of all order details to better serve your expectations.
When booking a custom arrangement, you'd add all details you can think of or a theme such as "baby shower". In our discussion, I would provide images/ideas of what would match your theme and ask you to review and confirm or offer your suggestions. After all order expectations/details are confirmed by the client, I will update your order with all the details discussed and you will be sent a notice saying your order was updated. If anything is incorrect or missing, please message me to correct it. Consultations are about 15 minutes, but I am happy to take more time to ensure your expectations are defined and clear to prevent client dissatisfaction.


Where/When is the Consultation?

Consultations are held via direct message through the number provided, email, or via social media platforms if that is the preferred contact method. Within 24 hours of placing your order, I will reach out to ask for a good time to discuss your order details.